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The shake handshandle of common are stainless steel material, electroplating stainless steel, also have pure copper, wood, paint, plastic, dawn think, select the order is pure copper, wood, stainless steel, they use a long life, and of course the price also is more expensive; The lacquer that bake with old plating or easy to fall off, but except titanium alloy, the service life of this kind of material is also very long, appearance is not easy to change; What choose finally is plastic and other hardware on the material selection and handle the same.

Dawn said, there are still some details to consider, the home have children, don't choose the shake handshandle of squat rectangular components, have a child fell just come up against the shake handshandle of TV ark drawer, head for the needle sewing, "can choose after smooth processing shake handshandle, also can choose the shake handshandle of concave Mosaic, avoid damage to the child."

And size, handle the need to change, the first thing is to measure good shake handshandle between two holes, size, and then to undertake choosing according to size, some who pick like owners, and the results can't go up, if is the first time to decorate, the before buy hardware, must not let workers drilling first, otherwise the choose and buy will be much limited.

Hinge: glass special closed special

From experience, for the family hardware trouble is hinge, whether ambry or bookcase, switch many will find hinge is not useful. Dawn, says owner to should know installed in glass hinge is special, called "glass hinge", the other hinge can't use. In addition, try to choose the hinge of close type, can avoid moisture intrusion, if plus damper and muffler is better.

According to the ease of installation, hinge points slip into a type and the cassette, seizing hinge after installation tools can need not convenient TuoXie cupboard door, convenient in maintenance and cleaning.

Pull the basket: rail smooth and damping

More and more families in the cupboard do on a few pull the basket, but pull the basket with bad to use, aside from the focus on material, the most simple is to use and look the orbit of pulls basket is smooth, mute, some ambry in the door apply lbb3530/50 enable delegates "hot pressing technology", as long as a gently pull, door to open.

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