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Materials Selection Guide: teach you to use with the optional hardware

    The temperature rose 1.1 points, indicating the arrival of spring has quietly. Has just spent the long winter ice and snow, have you begun to plan the renovation plans for the spring out? Perhaps you have just bought a new house to prepare a comprehensive renovation, maybe you want to transform the old building a more fashionable and practical, life at home Xiaobian for you to collect a massive renovation decorative home information, I believe that love can help you create a more comfortable home.
     Room is a decorative metal hardware. High-quality decorative hardware can not only be excellent decorations, but also a prerequisite for normal use of bedroom furnishings. Many heads of households thought that as long as the large-scale decorative materials, high quality, invisible hardware almost does not matter, in fact, this view is wrong. Bedroom decoration, a pair of small hinges for each door will be able to open the key to long-term flexibility, but also not to say that the inherent high-quality decorative hardware landscaping effects. 
Hardware parts-per-use feature is divided into common hardware and special hardware. General hardware manner by setting category is divided into hinge slides, decorative handle classes, decorative lock type. Way by setting a special hardware is divided into the bathroom and kitchen hanging hardware categories.

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