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The Millennium Metal promote industrial development forged the strength of San Lung water

 Long water hardware, because the sky soldiers.According to "Dragon Lishui town records," editor in chief Xie weeks presentations, more than 1,200 years ago during the late Tang Dynasty, the dragon of water into the court stationed themselves the land, according to station troops at the time the system is not fully responsible for the military court supplies, troops and equipment by themselves, thusthe troops on Long LiShui build weapons, hardware thus the rise of the water dragon.    
   After entering the Song Dynasty, Dazu Rock Carvings its peak, the dragon 13 feet of water become a major market town, the first, commercial and industrial lush-craft with iron further development.To the mid-Qing Dynasty, the dragon has been quite well-developed water-iron, to the late Qing Dynasty, has been the formation of iron 18 lines, employing over 2,000 people, up more than 700 product varieties, flourished.    
   In 1951, Long Marine Hardware embarked on a co-operative road, the town set up joint venture partner of nearly a thousand households in iron eight plants, the dragon of water into the metal from the workshop production of plant production.In 1964, Long LiShui built a thermal power plant to achieve the forging hammer of machine played a grinding wheel technology, forming stamping technology, the dragon of water from hand-operational phases of the metal to enter the formal operational stage of mechanization.At that time the water dragon metal, has been with the north Wang Mazi, the South, Zhang Koizumi par to become the focus of state support for hardware industry.    
   In 1978, after the Third Plenum of the Eleventh, Lung reform and opening up the water to seize the favorable opportunity, and vigorously support the training focus on industrial and commercial households, the use of existing streets for new hardware and foster professional market.In 1986, the Long Water to build the southwest region's largest professional market hardware, hardware industry flourish further, attracted a large number of people Yongkang, Zhejiang, Guangdong Yangjiang, etc. come to learn their experiences.In 1994, the Long Water withdrawal zone and the town began to implement economic restructuring, merger and reorganization of enterprises to enter the hardware to expand the scale of the development period.By 1997, the Long Water hardware production and operation of individual households has reached more than 6000 households, employing 2.2 million people, accounting for 46% of the total labor force town, annual turnover of 1 billion yuan.        Hardware industry, led to the rapid development of other industries, so that the water dragon in Dazu   County has become an industrial center and economic powerhouse in 2001 was awarded the development of township enterprises in Chongqing "Star township" has taken shape metal machinery and electronics, metal materials, Autoparts, hardware casting, agricultural machinery, the five characteristics of pillar industries.

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